The Many Uses And Forms Of Quartz


If you’re interested in all things jewelry, there is a huge selection of books that put jewelry at the forefront. Of particular interest to the jewelry aficionado would be “Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry.” This book details Taylor’s extensive and impressive jewelry collection. This ideal coffee table book contains beautifully shot images of Taylor wearing her jewelry as well as standalone shots of some of the more stunning pieces.

Taylor, an avid collector of some of the world’s most famous gems and jewelry pieces, also recounts exactly how she obtained these well known pieces. While the book focuses on these exotic and expensive pieces, Taylor was noted for her ability to transform everyday items into something extraordinary. Just like her character in “Gone with the Wind,” who was able to pull off a dress made of drapes, Taylor could wear any number of handmade necklaces and transform them into something greater than themselves. This skill was made evident throughout the pictorial exploration of her jewelry collection.

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