The perfect matching gift



Jewelry is the perfect gift for women of any generation, but there are so many options to choose from that it can be hard to decide what to buy. Rings can be difficult to buy because you need to know the woman’s ring size. Necklaces and earrings, on the other hand, are one-size-fits-all. Plus, it’s usually easy to tell what kinds of necklaces and earrings a woman prefers just by looking at the ones she usually wears.

Necklace sets consist of necklaces and matching earrings, and they make extra special and useful gifts. A woman can look coordinated and put together by wearing both the necklace and earrings at once, or she can mix and match each of the pieces with other items in her jewelry collection. Choose a necklace set in her favorite color, or in a color that goes well with colors she often wears. They’re also available with many different types of stones, so you could choose a necklace set that features her birthstone or another stone that is special to her.

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Affordability with Flair


gemstone-necklacesThe pearl necklace stands out as a timeless, elegant piece of jewelry fit for queens, actresses and models. Matching necklaces fetch exorbitant prices in part because of their rarity. In reality, genuine pearl necklaces are so scarce that they aren’t a viable option for the average woman. Luckily, there are a number of equally extravagant substitutes that don’t cost a pretty penny.

Semi precious gemstone necklaces offer style and sophistication at an affordable price. These necklaces have the power to breathe new life into a stale ensemble. They can be found in all manners of style and color, which means you won’t have any trouble matching preexisting outfits. Gemstone necklaces are practical in casual and formal situations alike, and they are virtually guaranteed to draw compliments.


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Put Your Best Foot Forward


Looking your best is all about understanding what suits your body type and coloring. That’s what makes giving fashion advice to anybody else a little bit tricky. You can’t simply say that one type of clothing looks good, because it really only looks good on a certain body type. The sooner you have a firm understanding of what suits you, the sooner you’ll start turning heads and breaking hearts. And a big part of this understanding is having a general knowledge about what colors complement each other.

This matching and complementing of colors is essential to looking your best. If you have pale skin and light hair, white and yellow will simply make you look washed out. Red will make you look splotchy. And so on. All of these small details can undo an otherwise elegant and flattering outfit. One of the more difficult palettes to complement is light skinned red heads. But don’t fear. There is always the fallback of emerald earrings. Green is a perfect color, and emeralds are always elegant. Green Natural Emerald Stone Online


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Fun Activities for Mother and Daughter


Jewelry accessories are one of the few passions my daughter and I can share; we both love to wear and own jewelry.  But aside from that, we don’t have much in common.  I love to read novels, and she loves to go hiking outdoors.  When she was about sixteen, I bought us a set of gemstone bracelets, and gave one to her.  She seemed to like it a lot, and she kept it with her all the time.  We later got into making custom jewelry together, and soon were creating our own original gemstone accessories.

Designing custom gemstone accessories is a passion we’ve been able to share together for some time now, and it’s a great way for us to relate to each other despite being so different in most of the conventional likes and dislikes!

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Lend Me an Ear for Some Fashion Advice


precious-gemstone-earringsAs a woman, you’ve most likely picked up tips over the years to accentuate your physical appearance – enhancing the strengths and obscuring the flaws. But did you know that celebrity stylists are always spending time doting over the proper set of earrings? It’s not easy to settle upon a pair that truly brings out a woman’s best facial features, but these tips might help.

First, examine the shape and bone structure of your face. If your jaw is pronounced and your face rather long, you’ll want to stick with hoop earrings or studs – something that softens the facial shape. On the other hand, women with round faces look best wearing semi precious gemstone earrings that are elongated and dangly. These are not necessarily hard and fast rules of fashion, but they can be used as a general guideline.

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The Significance of the Rosary



Last year I visited a convent just outside of Spokane, WA and had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with a few nuns. Admittedly, I know little about the Catholic faith and the various prayers and rites that the religion practices. One item that I had seen before but didn’t understand the significance of until I went there was the rosary.

Rosaries are a set of prayer beads that are used with an accompanying devotional prayer. The beads are used to count the amount of Hail Mary’s and other prayers that are recited as part of the meditation practice. The custom was established in the 16th century by Pope St. Pius V.

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The Mythos of the Chinese Zodiac


chinese_zodiacOne of the most well-known Chinese traditions is that of the zodiac, which consists of twelve animal signs. Every year is represented by an animal, which signifies how people born that year are perceived and present themselves. Each of the animals has a corresponding element, such as wood, fire and metal, as well as a Yin Yang Direction.

Although its origins are in China, this use of the zodiac is recognized by cultures around the world. It is easy to look up birth dates online to see what animal you are under. There are many ways to display your animal, including Chinese zodiac pendants, necklaces and charms.

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Anticipating the Next Big Fashion Trend


handmadebraceletsWhile it’s only natural for a woman to keep tabs on the latest fashion trends, I sometimes like to go my own way. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the artistry and innovation of the styles runway models wear in New York in Milan. Still, I can’t help but wonder if most of those off-the-wall trends will ever translate to practical clothing and jewelry. It seems that half of the looks that are tested out in Europe and in the various fashion capitals of the world are forgotten just as quickly as they were introduced.

For that reason, I like to look in unexpected places for fashion inspiration. Craft shows are a great place to find handmade bracelets, but lately the rise of Etsy and other online sites have been on my radar as well. When all I want is something that’s unique yet classical, edgy yet not over-the-top. Is that really too much to ask? I think not.

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Making Stunning Jewelry from Scratch


roundfaceWhile I might not make enough money to make drastic changes to my wardrobe on a regular basis, I’ve found other equally effective ways to express myself through fashion. It’s amazing how much difference one’s choice of accessories can make. The very same outfit can go from understated to stunning depending on the earrings, necklace and watch that are paired with it.

I come from a crafty family, so jewelry shopping for me either means scanning the market for beads or larger elements that can be incorporated into a grand design. Lately I’ve been purchasing watch faces online and using my own creativity and initiative to make semi precious gemstone watches from scratch. By the time the piece is completed, I’m left with a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I now own a one-of-a-kind

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Cute As A ‘Button’



The value of a pearl depends very much on its shape. Whether it’s a black pearl necklace, a freshwater pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl drop earrings; a pearl’s form matters quite a bit. There are six types of shapes common to pearls:

Round: This is the shape most people think of when imagining a pearl. Perfectly round pearls are quite rare and are the most expensive. For hundreds of years many people around the world have thought the round pearl the most beautiful.

Near round: These are closest in relation to the coveted round pearl, but are imperfect in their shapes. Many times these pearls are more spherical than round in shape.

Oval: Many experts call these pearls “symmetrical”. The ends of oval pearls are narrower than the centers.

Drop: These pearls have teardrop or pear shapes. Because of their elongated shape drop pearls make nice earrings or pendants.

Button: These pearls are shaped just like their names. Often the flattened side of the jewel is secured to an earring setting.

Baroque: These may be the least valuable in the pearl family, but they are also the most unique. They come in irregular shapes and sizes and are crafted into affordable jewelry.

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