Watches Are No Longer for Telling Time


There’s nothing quite as convenient as always having the time right at your fingertips, which is why watches have remained such a popular fashion accessory for so long. But with the huge increase in the number of cell phones, a lot of people have chosen to take the watch off and check the time, instead, on the phone. For this reason, the tried and true functional watch has essentially come and gone. It had its heyday, but now when people choose to wear a watch, it’s because they think the look of the watch adds something to their outfit.

This is why unique watches are becoming so much more common. While it used to be difficult to find a colorful or different watch, this is now the norm. With faces that are bright colors or contain an alabaster inlay, these watches sport unique face shapes and interesting bands. In this way, watches have become increasingly more like bracelets. And the emphasis has definitely shifted from telling time to offering aesthetic appeal. It’s also not uncommon to see people sporting watches with dead batteries simply for the look of the watch!

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Time to Get Creative


custom-watchesWhen selecting a fashionable timepiece, the watch face is only one of several important criteria. It’s easy to overlook the stylish potential inherent in the watch band. Bands can be composed from any number of semiprecious gems and stones. They should be matched with a watch face that complements the band without overpowering it. For example, if you choose a band with sizeable stones, make sure the face is big enough to compensate.

Custom watches present people with a unique opportunity to mix and match different bands and faces. There’s nothing to prevent you from swapping bands from one day to the next while still maintaining the use of a familiar watch face. Some women like to wear a different band for each day of the week, and others prefer to adapt their watch-wearing habits according to the day’s outfit.

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The Significance of the Rosary



Last year I visited a convent just outside of Spokane, WA and had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with a few nuns. Admittedly, I know little about the Catholic faith and the various prayers and rites that the religion practices. One item that I had seen before but didn’t understand the significance of until I went there was the rosary.

Rosaries are a set of prayer beads that are used with an accompanying devotional prayer. The beads are used to count the amount of Hail Mary’s and other prayers that are recited as part of the meditation practice. The custom was established in the 16th century by Pope St. Pius V.

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The Mythos of the Chinese Zodiac


chinese_zodiacOne of the most well-known Chinese traditions is that of the zodiac, which consists of twelve animal signs. Every year is represented by an animal, which signifies how people born that year are perceived and present themselves. Each of the animals has a corresponding element, such as wood, fire and metal, as well as a Yin Yang Direction.

Although its origins are in China, this use of the zodiac is recognized by cultures around the world. It is easy to look up birthdates online to see what animal you are under. There are many ways to display your animal, including Chinese zodiac pendants, necklaces and charms.


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