A Simple Way to Enhance Your Outfit



If you’ve ever been interested in geology, then it’s very likely that you’ve been introduced to the beauty and unique mineral known as jasper. Jasper is essentially an impure kind of silica. The colors span a large range, and to that end, they come in red, yellow, and brown varieties. Its name essentially means a spotted or speckled stone, which is very apt, because jasper is covered with dark veins and lines against its solid color background. By virtue of its unique patterns and rich colors, it is often seen in jewelry settings.

A favorite of jewelers for many years, jasper can be used in necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, and other various jewelry pieces. The mineral lends itself well to polishing, and it takes on an even richer and more beautiful tone when that process is applied. Admired by fashion seekers and jewelers alike, jasper earrings have become a particularly prevalent accessory to wear with evening wear or casual wear. Whatever it accompanies, these earrings are sure to enhance any outfit.

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Unique Hand Jewelry


One year for my birthday, my mom gave me a beautiful gemstone watch, one like I had never seen before. I like wearing unique jewelry, so it was the perfect gift for me, and from then on it was a regular accessory in my wardrobe. One day I wore my gemstone watch to work, and my supervisor commented on it and said it was beautiful. Later that same evening, I was out at a restaurant with a couple friends, and the waiter commented on my watch and even brought me a free dessert!
When a couple weeks passed, I noticed that my friends who were at dinner with me that night had gemstone watches that were similar to mine! I called them all copycats of course, but with the success I had, I could seldom blame them for wanting to have their own. buy from our store on ali express

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Put Your Best Foot Forward


Looking your best is all about understanding what suits your body type and coloring. That’s what makes giving fashion advice to anybody else a little bit tricky. You can’t simply say that one type of clothing looks good, because it really only looks good on a certain body type. The sooner you have a firm understanding of what suits you, the sooner you’ll start turning heads and breaking hearts. And a big part of this understanding is having a general knowledge about what colors complement each other.

This matching and complementing of colors is essential to looking your best. If you have pale skin and light hair, white and yellow will simply make you look washed out. Red will make you look splotchy. And so on. All of these small details can undo an otherwise elegant and flattering outfit. One of the more difficult palettes to complement is light skinned red heads. But don’t fear. There is always the fallback of emerald earrings. Green is a perfect color, and emeralds are always elegant. Green Natural Emerald Stone Online


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