Adjusting Your Necklace to the Desired Length


When you purchase a necklace, there’s nothing more important than the length of that necklace. If it doesn’t fall in a convenient place, the beauty and aesthetic of the necklace can be completely destroyed. After all, if it’s too long, it can often slip underneath the neckline of a shirt, and this completely obscures the pendant itself. If it’s too short, it can be uncomfortable, and this often means the wearer will eventually discard the necklace.

This is why so many people turn to beaded necklaces. These can usually be adjusted with a few simple jewelry tools and a little bit of know how. If it’s too long, simply remove a small section of the beads from the strand and re-adhere the jump rings. If you want to make these kinds of at-home jewelry adjustments, all you’ll need is a pair of needle nose pliers and the confidence that you won’t irreparably break the necklace!

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